Intruder Alarms

Supply & Installation of Burglar/Intruder Alarms

Most companies out there offer residential homes and companies a default Burglar Alarm/Intruder Alarm system regardless of what’s best for that customer or indeed what they want.  More often than not this is influenced by what’s on offer at the local supplier or a standard fixed kit. This isn’t the case with TFS. With fantastic pricing across a range of quality equipment we can tailor a system for you, at a competitive price that won’t break the bank.

Here at TFS we pride ourselves on customer service and as a company we once your installation is complete, we are always at hand to support and answer any questions you may have relating to your new system.

The security systems we install for your business and home are fully graded and of a high quality.  All systems are fitted to current BS/EN standards, whether this be a standard Burglar Alarm system when you simply want to enter your code or present a detection tag, leaving your property secured and forget about your system until you return.

Maybe you have more complex requirements?

These can include:

  • Specific detection types
  • Visual verification or a
  • Phone notification when it’s been triggered.
  • Perhaps you’d like to access your system remotely through your smartphone?

More recently, residential customers in particular are tending to stay away from Police monitored alarms due to the lower priorities given and the restrictions involved, this combined with the large annual costs that come with it. As an alternative, more and more people are opting for self-monitoring.

We can offer advice if you aren’t sure what you require and likewise let you know if we think your going overkill! We can setup as little or as much as you need.

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